CHEAT MOD MENU FF9 VIP FREE NO PASSWORD TELEPORT AMO UNLIMITED-Free Fire game is an online game which can simply be interpreted as a war game and attacking each other. Each player must look for weapons or medical equipment to be used during the war.

The goal is both to fight the enemy as well as a way to survive. In the Free Fire game, there are three modes, namely.

  1. Solo which means playing alone and the goal is only 1.
  2. Duo which means playing with a team with 1 or 2 members.
  3. Squad which means playing with a team with 1 to 4 players.

As one of the best online games, Free Fire is very popular and busy playing. To be able to help buy items of interest in the Free Fire game you need diamonds. Diamonds will be used as currency and diamonds can be filled through a top up transaction.

The number two mistake most beginners make is too much looting. Yes, they were trying to collect as many items as possible before fighting. Is this effective? Not necessarily, because it often makes players die quickly.

To make it easy to shake, you should bring some medical equipment, enough bullets and weapons. Over time you play free fire, you will definitely understand a good weapon combo and the attachments needed.

If you play squad, too much looting will harm your other friends.

Don’t Lust Kill

Quoting information from the page , tips for playing free fire so that the next booby is not to have the desire to hunt for many kills. Because, with the ability to shoot that is not okay it will only make you die easily when playing bars.

For beginner ff players, you should wait and let the enemies come. After that, find the right position to slaughter them.

If you are not sure you can control a weapon properly, then don’t you dare open a war.

You need to know, in free fire the bullets fired by the player move straight to the point. This makes the risk of dying even greater. Especially if your enemy has mastered these weapons.

Don’t Run Too Much

Because of the desire to hunt a lot of kills, beginners usually run around looking for enemies. In fact, playing outdoors makes their chances of dying even higher.

It would be nice to hide in mounds, walls and buildings. Make sure the surroundings are not open areas that make you clearly visible.

The key is the more patient, the greater the chances of getting booyah.

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